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All You need to know about cherry hemangiomas, moles in general, and natural treatments. Natural Answers

Cherry Hemangiomas (Angiomas) and Natural Treatments. Discover the Causes of Hemangioma and How to Remove Red Moles on Skin. 

Cherry angiomas natural treatments are available but it is first important that you learn about the basics of cherry hemantiomas (angioma) and the broad subject of moles.

What is a cherry hemangioma (angioma)?

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 A cherry hemanagioma (angioma) is an malformation of blood vessels on the skin or internal organs such as the liver.

Hemangioma babies commonly have these marks. They are one of the most common childhood soft tissue tumors. Most often then are a noncancerous (benign) skin growth. They can grow over time or can fade away. Some do not fade away, requiring treatment. They vary in color and diameter, but usually have reddish color, thus the following names have been associated with them: red mole, port wine stain, cherry hemangioma, stork bite, birthmark, and mulberry or strawberry hemangioma. They tend to be more common among caucasians and females.


Types of Hemangiomas

Cavernous Hemangioma: This type of hemangioma shows up at birth or during infancy. They can remain or grow over time. They apprear as a nodule that is purple in color. They are usually bengin. However, it can be risky to biopsy this type since there is a risk of bleeding.

Capillary Hemangioma: These consist of capillaries and show up during the first few weeks of a child's life. At first they grow, however evenually disappear. Most are gone in the first decade of life. They take on a distinct color that lends to other names they are known by: strawberry hemangioma or cherry hemangioma.

Other Hemangiomas are given names based on their location, hence the names, for example: liver hemangioma and vertebral hemangioma.

What does a hemangioma look like?

Hemangiomas are going to vary in shape, size, and in color depending on the type of hemangiomas you have. They might appear as red moles on skin. Strawberry hemangioma on infants might change in color and diameter over a short period of time. It is important to have a qualified medical professional properly diagnose the type of mole or hemangioma that you have.

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Causes of Hemangioma

So where do red moles come from? Unfortunately there is not a concensus pertaining to what causes red moles. The exact cause of cherry angioma is uncerntain but some think the condition results from some type of imbalance in the mechanisms that control and promote cell growth in the lining of the blood vessels.

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